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"Just Your Old Fashioned Music Store"


  • The Chancellorship and presidency of Germany were united.  Adolf Hitler became Führer
  • Detroit lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in a seven-game World Series
  • Chicago defeated Detroit to win the Stanley Cup
  • “It Happened One Night” won Academy Awards for Best Picture, Director, Actor, & Actress.
  • AND…

    Melody Haven Music in Roanoke, VA was founded.
    Musician Charles A. Rowe, Sr. (pictured left) had traveled from New Orleans to the Roanoke area in the summer of 1919.  A pretty girl named Lessie attended one of his performances.  He invited her to go to church with him that following Sunday and by year’s end, they were married.  “Thus began a lifetime commitment of love and bringing the beauty of music to thousands,” notes their son, Charles A. Rowe, Jr., who runs the business today with his wife, Sue.

Looking back over seven decades, Rowe comments, “The heyday of the home organ business in the 1960s and early ‘70s was a very successful time. Then, with the advent of digital pianos, we took on the Technics line in 1985 and have since expanded into other lines of digital pianos and keyboards which have done very well for us, also.”

“On the other hand, the most difficult years would have to be the Great Depression and again during World War II because (music) manufacturers were making items for the war effort.  That created quite a shortage of merchandise.”

Rowe believes Melody Haven has lasted over 70 years due to the family’s love of music and the sincere desire to share that love of music with our customers.

Pictured at right is Charles A Rowe, Sr. directing a group of his students in the 1930's


Charles A. Rowe , Jr. on the accordion

Joe Rowe on piano

Jim Rowe on clarinet

with their Teenage Orchestra



This showroom was in the store’s former location on 2nd Street, next to the Greene Memorial Church.  In 1978, their building was purchased and immediately leveled to create a parking lot which exists today.

At right: The Melody Haven Showroom circa 1963.

Pictured left to right are Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Rowe, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Rowe, Jr.

The Melody Haven Storefront in 1969.

The Rowes are taking delivery of a shipment of pianos.  This photo is of their original location at 416 2nd Street.  The Greene Memorial Church is visible behind the moving van.